Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things to Do Before Coming to Eglin

There are a number of things you should do to help make the transition easier:
- Give the post office a forwarding address
- Change addresses with billing agencies
- Send changes of address to magazine publishers
- Notify friends and relatives of your new address
- Obtain credit references from your bank, etc.
- Stop newspaper and all home delivery services
- Settle bills with local utility companies (gas, water, electric, telephone, etc..).

Don't forget to get deposit refunds and a written statement stating your last bill was paid in full - Transfer insurance on cars, home etc... and check to see if personal high-value possessions are covered during the move

- Ask for a copy of or transfer children's records
- Get records from any private doctors or dentists that you and your family have been using
- Notify your clergyman and obtain any necessary documents of birth, baptism, etc. that you may need
- Double-check closets and shelves to be sure that they are empty
- Buy traveler's checks instead of carrying large sums of cash
- Be sure to take any jewelry and valuable documents with you. Don't pack them in your household goods
- Make plans for transporting your pets. Unhappy or nervous pets can make very poor traveling companions. Here are some tips for ensuring your pet's travel on an airline goes unrestricted:
- Veterinarian-issued health certificates are required
- International flights require further documentation. Quarantine requirments may apply
- Pets must travel in an airline-approved carrier large enough for the animal to move unrestricted
- Food and water must be provided
- When accompanied by the owner, the pet is ususally checked in as excess baggage. If small enough, the pet may be allowed to ride in its carrier under the passenger seat
- When unaccompanied, the pet usually passes through airline freight handling systems. The cargo hold is pressurized with climate control to ensure the safety of your pet. Some airlines allow the owner to check on their pet through their 800 number tracking system

* NOTE:Check with your airline to ensure you have made all necessary arrangements for your pets' travel!!

- Let a close friend or relative know the route and schedule you will be traveling, including overnight stops. Use that person as a message center. This information should also be provided to your sponsor.

Remember, there may be income tax advantages with your move, including those incurred after your arrival at Eglin. Examples of these expenses would include travel expenses, meals and lodging while you are occupying temporary quarters and expenses attributable to the sale, purchase, or lease of your residence.

After you have completed your move, consult your organization's legal assistance officer who will assist you in preparing the proper tax forms. If you experience a financial emergency enroute, you can get assistance from the Air Force Aid Society. Stop in at any military installation and request direct assistance if you are at an Air Force base or referral assistance at an Army post or Navy base.

If you are not near a military installation, request Air Force Aid assistance through any American Red Cross office. Once you arrive at Eglin, check in with the Air Force Aid office for information on the "Moving Assistance Program" which provides interest-free loans for rent and security deposits. A thank you to the Eglin AFB website for the information provided.

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